Leave of Absence request

Attendance registers must indicate the reason for absence from the classroom. Written notification of future medical or dental appointments must be presented to the school. Any unplanned absences such as illness require the parents to notify the school as soon as possible, and for them to provide a written explanation on their child's return to school. Applications for holidays during term time must be made to the Headteacher on the school. Leave of Absence Request


Attendance FAQs

When does school start?

Children need to be in good time for registration at 8:45 am and at 1:15 pm.

2. If we’re late…?
Your child will be marked as late if they arrive after their name has been called on the register.

3. How do I notify the school of my child’s absence?
We expect parents to phone the school on the first day of absence. However, we do need a written explanation when they have returned. If we do not have this, the absence is marked on the end of year report as unauthorised.

4. What reasons for absence are authorized?
 - Illness
 - Emergency medical or dental appointments

- Days of religious observance

The school should be notified of any planned absence well in advance.
Recurring absences will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer. 
If we are concerned about lateness or your child’s attendance, we will discuss it with you.
We will not approve absences for shopping, birthdays or caring for siblings. 

5. What about family holidays?
Family holidays should be taken within school holidays. Request for holiday outside these dates should be due to exceptional circumstances only and must be made to the Headteacher.

6. How can I encourage my child to enjoy school?
Make sure they are:
 - Getting enough sleep
 - Waking up in time
 - Eating a good breakfast
 - Leaving home with the proper clothes and equipment
 - Aware that their education is important TO YOU

7. I think my child is avoiding coming to school, what do I do?
Speak to your child’s teacher and openly discuss your worries. There could be a variety of reasons for your child’s reluctance to attend, including friendship problems, schoolwork, bullying or family issues. If we can identify the problem, we can work together to find a solution. Education Welfare Officers can also work with staff and families if difficulties arise. 


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