School Performance and Parent Questionnaire

 The  2016 SATs results for Year 6 were against new measures for the first time. In progress and attainment we achieved above expected progress and performed strongly against national average attainment.

Progress measures

Pupils should achieve zero for expected progress. A + ve progress score indicates that pupils in our school on average achieve better than those pupils nationally who started with similar attainment at Keystage 1.


The following were our average progress scores for 2016.

READING       0.6 +                  WRITING     0.3 +             MATHS    1.3 +


Pupils should achieve 100 as a score in each subject except Writing. This doesn't have a scaled score as it is not a test but teacher assessed over a range of writing.

The following are our average standardised scores for 2016

READING 104 (nat 103)           Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling GPS 107 (nat 104)          MATHS 105 ( nat 103)

The following are the % of pupils achieving expected progress against national results.

READING      73% ( nat. 66%)  Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  GPS  92%  (nat 72%)   WRITING  88% ( nat. 74%)   MATHS 88% (nat 70%)  

Percentage of pupils who achieved expected progress in Reading,Writing and Maths 

RWM   68% (nat 53%)


Higher attainment

The following are the % of pupils achieving above expected progress against national results

READING 19% ( nat 19%)  Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling GPS 27% ( nat 23%)  WRITING 8% ( nat 13%) MATHS 23% ( nat 17%)

 Results highlighted in green show a strong performance. All results are above or equal to national except for higher achieving writers. The teacher assessment was conservative this year as we wanted to feel very secure in ensuring that pupils were not over assessed. We moderated our judgments with 3 other schools .

We are very pleased with these results which show that we prepared the pupils well for the new assessments. A full analysis of the pupil performance has been completed for governors and areas identified for school improvement (to make our pupil performance even stronger) are included in our school development plan,

 Our results can be compared with other schools here

Parent Questionnaire

Click here for the analysis of Autumn 2016 parent questionnaire. Thank you for your responses.