Safeguarding and E-safety

At Holbrook Primary School we are committed to providing a safe environment for our pupils.

We follow safe recruitment procedures.

We have a regular programme of safeguarding training for staff and volunteers.

We have a code of conduct for all staff and volunteers.

Safeguarding Policy including child protection and Prevent Duty  

This page has been created by year 5. 


Slides from our recent E-Safety Presentation to parents are here.

Internet safety is important because it can stop you getting bullied on the internet, it can also help make a fun place much better!!The internet is a place where there are no limits and you can do whatever you want.But sometimes the internet can be a place of danger!!!!:9:
Luckily a thing exists called E-Safety:12:E-Safety is like protection from bad or upsetting people, websites, games etc.
You will find that the internet can become a much better place if you follow this advice...:0:

Personal Details
I suggest you don't have a simple password like 'password' because people can get into your email account , your blog, your ipod, phone, ipad or bank account and mess it up. Remember even when you are playing with other people on the internet don't give away your personal information that you don't want to tell. When you go on the internet on a social game or network you don't know who could be on there anyone could lie about what they look like or who they are; they could start asking personal information. You must always be careful about who you are giving your personal information with because you never know who is messing with you .:49:
Watch this video (if you are over 8) it will help you understand more about cyber-bullying NASTY SIMON:5: 
Virus and Pop-ups
Stay safe on the internet there are lots of bugs,viruses and nasty people pretending to be little and friendly but in really life they're not. DONT CLICK ON STUFF WHICH POPS UP ON THE SCREEN. Go and tell your teacher or click on hector protector.
Cyber Bullying
Cyber Bullying is very mean it ruins peoples minds, people cyber bully to hurt peoples feelings, to make themselves look good or to make them feel happy, but also makes other people unhappy.Cyber Bullying can be found on internet games and wiki, because wiki can be edited by strangers. Are you getting cyber bullied because CEOP is here! There is button which has 'report abuse' on it. Keep evidence of people bullying you. You will need evidence and tell CEOP or your parents.
Cyber stop
By S.Taber
The world is your screen
It is like your computer at home
You just can't mess it up
Planet earth gets polluted
Computers get a virus
Both of them combined is exactly the same
Cyber bulling is like a never ending nightmare
Every day of your life you'll regret it
If you don't stop you won't come out on top
The bullies think they are the bosses
The truth is your the boss of yourself
Don't let the bullies take over your life that just isn't the answer
So there you have it's the truth of cyber bulling.

Coming soon,

Staying safe with


Stop Cyber Bullying
Some people think
That words on a screen
Don’t mean as much;
So they have the right to be mean.

Those people don’t know
How much it hurts
To be receiving
Those hateful words.

They don’t understand
The power they hold
With each letter they type,
With each word they make bold.

They don’t think a bit
About what might come
When that message receiver
Decides to succumb.

They don’t ever foresee
The dreaded result
Of a person attacked
By an online cult.

The World Wide Web
Was not created
For the ignorant to attack
And the innocent hated
This is how you stay safe online
1. Never share your details when playing online games
2. Never lie about your age because you could see things you don't want to see.
3. Never read emails when you don't know the sender.
4. Never click on things if they come up in a pop-up.
5. Put your profile on private.
And don't assume your friends have the same setting as you!