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Maths homework is adding fractions with different denominators and mirrors what we have been doing in class this week. 
For English I would like the children to choose one of the characters from the book they are currently reading and to look at the character's actions in the text, what can they infer about the character from their actions? e.g. if the character stamped their feet, ran upstairs and slammed the door they may infer that the character is upset or angry.
Spellings needs to continue to follow the spelling booklet and children need to continue to read at home ideally everyday but at least four times a week to build reading stamina.
Mrs Miller and I are always happy to help children with their homework children just need to ask for help. Obviously help will be given at either breaktimes or lunchtime in order not to intefer with the work we need to do in class, as I am sure you can appreciate there is a lot of content to get through in year 6.
Mrs Rennison

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