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18/ 9 /20

Well done to everybody who submitted last weeks homework I have received lots of emails and it looks like you all did a pretty good job. It is not my intention to reply to each email individually as this was cause the office a massive headache and delay the work they have to do. I will be praising the children's efforts in class and talking to them about the work they have done. Rest assured i will pick up on any misconceptions children have and address these in school. However if you child is really struggling with a particular piece of work or concept please let me know and I can arrange extra help, 1:1 or in a small group,in school.

Maths homework this week is more work on place value. I have also included an optional maths problem solving question for those children who would like a challenge.

For English homework this week I would like the children to complete at least one of Mr Perry's reading challenges which can be found in the back of their blue reading diaries. 

Please see attached documents.

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