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Archived Learning

Revisit this page to see what we have been learning throughout this academic year:

23/09/19: We've been focusing on place value and number. During our first two weeks, we've looked at the value of different numbers and also examined how these are changed if we add 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000. We have been focusing on numbers up to 1,000,000. This is all building on our knowledge from the Year 4 curriculum and enhancing the skills we already had. Rounding has been the focus of this week and we've applied our knowledge to data taken from WWI, particularly the number of soldiers wounded or killed.


Private Peaceful has been an absolute hit with the class. We've empathised with Tommo and the horrific incident he witnessed with his father in the woods. This has lead onto some great reading philosophy and we have discussed situations where it has made us emotional. Predicting skills have been the order of the day and we're building on these by continually referring back to the text. EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE!! A mantra that we remember when reading through narratives.


Within French lessons, we've been learning the alphabet and also playing some fun Bingo! games in class. Look below at some really helpful YouTube clips which say each letter in turn and I've also attached a VERY catchy song too. There are quite a few letters which are similar to those in the English language. Take a look...

What are we learning about in class!? 30/09/19

We've been learning about negative numbers in our maths lesson over the last week. We can now add and subtract from negative integers. Our knowledge of negative numbers was applied to data, particularly temperatures. We learnt about the Battle of Arras being a very important battle during WWI and also for the men from Holbrook who fought on the frontline. It was not only men from Britain who fought in Arras, but also soldiers from other countries such as Russia and Canada. During our lessons, we looked at life in the trenches and examined temperatures which they may have been faced with. Conditions in the trenches were harsh and it wasn't an easy life for the soldiers. Over the coming week, we are going to be cracking different codes using Roman Numerals and we are really look forward to our visit to Imperial War Museum, London.


Within our English sessions, we have been looking at the Colonel within the text. He has taken a dislike to the children in the story and we were all quite shocked by his reaction to Bertha being on his land. We read about Tommo and Charlie watching Bertha being killed before their very eyes. This said a lot about the Colonel and illustrated his personality clearly when he could kill such an innocent creature. We understood that he saw her as a commodity and that if she wasn't able to hunt for him then she was better dead. During our reading sessions, we were quite impressed with how mother could appease him and persuade him not to take such drastic action against the young boys for taking Bertha away. It did appear that the Colonel had the last laugh as he took Bertha away from them, forever. This was, however, a catalyst for Big Joe running away and we discussed his motives for this. It was a very stressful time in the story, but brought the family together. 


During our humanities lessons, we have been looking at the second instalment of Bertie's letter. We are really unpicking these historical sources and are becoming aware of what are primary and secondary sources. The trip on Friday will give us a really good idea of what life was like during 1914-1918 and bring some of the concepts we have been discussing in class to life. Holbrook was a very different place in the past and we are beginning to bring this alive by looking at soldiers who were examined during the Poppy Trail.