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Archived Learning

Revisit this page to see what we have been learning throughout this academic year:

23/09/19: We've been focusing on place value and number. During our first two weeks, we've looked at the value of different numbers and also examined how these are changed if we add 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000. We have been focusing on numbers up to 1,000,000. This is all building on our knowledge from the Year 4 curriculum and enhancing the skills we already had. Rounding has been the focus of this week and we've applied our knowledge to data taken from WWI, particularly the number of soldiers wounded or killed.


Private Peaceful has been an absolute hit with the class. We've empathised with Tommo and the horrific incident he witnessed with his father in the woods. This has lead onto some great reading philosophy and we have discussed situations where it has made us emotional. Predicting skills have been the order of the day and we're building on these by continually referring back to the text. EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE!! A mantra that we remember when reading through narratives.


Within French lessons, we've been learning the alphabet and also playing some fun Bingo! games in class. Look below at some really helpful YouTube clips which say each letter in turn and I've also attached a VERY catchy song too. There are quite a few letters which are similar to those in the English language. Take a look...