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Autumn 2020

Autumn Term

This term we will read and explore the themes in a variety of traditional tales.  We will begin with Jack and the Giant Beanstalk, looking at the characters and developing the children's descriptive language when describing them and their actions, eg the colossal giant, Jack felt distraught at having to sell his beloved cow, Daisy.  The children will learn the sequence of the story well in order to rewrite the story with a detailed beginning, middle and end.

We follow on from this text by reading Jess and the Bean Root which follows the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk in a contemporary setting, with characters that are lonely, kind and caring.  We will compare the two stories and hold philosophic discussions about the actions of the characters in the book, was Jack right to steal the harp and the chicken?  How are the main characters in each book different? 

The children will then use Jess and the Bean Root as a frame for their own story writing, choosing their own traditional story characters and setting.  Their stories will be presented in a class book to be displayed in our school library.


In the second half of this term, we will read and study non-fiction books about the royal family in order to produce their own factual writing.  The children will become news reporters and research the royal family and the roles of its members to write a short newspaper report.  

Throughout the texts studied we will focus on spelling and phonics and the grammar objectives for year 2 laid out in the national curriculum. 

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