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Autumn 2020

River of Knowledge (RoK)

Autumn Term


This term's topic is Once Upon A Time.  This theme will flow through our curriculum in all subjects.

As scientists we will investigate materials and answer questions like: Which material can we use to mop up the jug of water that the giant kicked over? As historians we will be finding out about the way of life of people in the past. We will research castle life, looking at coats of arms, knights, fighting, food and the design of castles. We will learn about entertainment such as falconry, jousting and court jesters. We will also find out about the difference between real histories comparing the times of Elizabeth and Victoria and made up stories such as those about dragons. As geographers we will be looking at castles all over the country and finding the nearest ones to us in Suffolk. We will be describing where they are and looking at what the places are like. As technologists we will research using primary and secondary sources, and will be using Google earth, maps, digital photography and video to describe the places that we are studying. As artists we will be drawing, making and painting our own coat of arms and making a 3D model of a castle, using ideas from our research to help us. As designers we will be exploring mechanisms. We will look at how drawbridges and portcullis work and then design and make our own.


As sportspeople we will look at medieval games such as target practice, walking on stilts, hopscotch, juggling, marbles and archery. We will also hold a knights’ challenge, involving rules and scoring.











Edward brought in his cross bow for the children practise with.

As musicians we will listen to medieval court music, identifying the instruments played and the beat.

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