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In English we will initially be working on report writing including police reports, newspaper reports and non-chronological reports. After that we will be studying mystery and suspense story writing. We will continue to link much of our work to our class text 'Boy in the Tower' which will form the basis of our reading diet and reading comprehension as well as some of our writing.

Grammar will be taught in context but children will also been given opportunities to practice grammar skills and revisit concepts taught.

Spelling rules will also be taught on a weekly basis. 

How you can help at home.


Ensure that your child reads on a daily basis at home.

Listen you your child read on a weekly basis.

Help your child learn and practice their spellings including learning the statutory year 3/4 and year 5/6 spellings - lists have been sent home showing which spellings your child needs to learn. Children need to know the majority of the spellings in each list in order for their writing to be levelled at the Expected standard at the end of year 6.

Encourage you child to complete the homework set each week.


Poetry in the forest