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In school:

In English we will be reading a range of tales written by Beatirx Potter, which will be the focus of our reading and writing sessions. Our reading philosophy sessions will continue to support the children's learning and reading comprehension skills. We will be exploring different purposes for writing, including researching and writing a biography and writing to show feeling e.g. diary entries and letter writing. We will also be linking our class text to our wider topic work and our River of Knowledge curriculum. 


We will continue to update children with reading books which they are able to take home and enjoy as well as having a book from our library for them to enjoy. I ask that these books are brought into school regularly so the children can continue reading these in our silent and guided reading sessions, we read silently every Friday morning in our early morning work session. 


We are focusing on the year three common exception words this year as well as setting regular spelling homework to help support your children’s English work. Each week we focus on five words in class and provide regular opportunities to develop out wider vocabulary.


Spellings will be set on a Friday and tested Friday the following week.


Helping at home:

Providing regular opportunities for your child to practise spellings will help support your child’s English work in school. I have attached the year three and four spelling list for you to support your child with, however recapping year two spellings may also prove useful.


Reading regularly with your child will also help your child’s spoken literacy, having a mix of reading to your child, hearing your child read and asking your child book-based questions will help develop their love of reading and reading comprehension skills.


I will also be providing English based homework, thank you for your continued support!



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