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Summer 2021


We will be using three texts to inspire our work in English, as well as other subject specific fictional and non-fictional sources including Dreamwork's animated cartoon The Prince of Egypt.


Our class text is Ma'at's Feather by Juliet Desailly which tells the story of a young boy in Egypt caught up in events that spiral out of his control. What choices does he make and how will this affect his future life? This is a story of the ancient world that can be applied to our lives in modern Britain. To help understand the main class text we will also be looking Light as a Feather - 42 Laws of Ma'at for Children. We will also study the Tales of Ancient Egypt, published by Puffin Classics, and draw inspiration from the myths and legends of this fascinating period of history.

Spring 2021


Our River of Knowledge topic for this term is 'Going Green, Holiday Here!'


Our English will focus on the classic works of Beatrix Potter, we will continue to develop our creative writing skills alongside continuing our work on grammar, punctuation and spelling. Our work on Beatrix Potter will be combined with studying the poetry of William Wordsworth and the writings and art of Alfred Wainwright. 


We will study the life of Beatrix Potter and will study some of the characters which she created: Jeremy Fisher, Mr Tod, Tom Kitten, Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin and Jemima Puddleduck.


For Wordsworth we will dip into and draw inspiration from the following poems:


I wandered lonely as a cloud; To a Child; To a Skylark; Song for the Spinning Wheel; Written in March - while resting on the bridge at the foot of Brother's Water; To Sleep; Composed Upon Westminster Bridge; We are Seven.


I wandered lonely as a cloud


We will use short extracts of Alfred Wainwright's pictorial guides to inspire our art, as well as his use of grammar and his handwriting style.





Autumn 2020


For the duration of the recovery curriculum; the children have been using Oliver Jeffer's Here We Are as a source of inspiration for their English writing since their return to school. So far, they have produced a poem about their favourite place, a letter to their favourite person or pet, a poster to encourage a more responsible attitude towards the environment and their own verse for the song What a Wonderful World.


We have also used Anna Llenas' The Colour Monster to encourage the children to use adjectives in order to write about and describe their feelings.



Our class text for this term is Clive King's classic novel for children: Stig of the Dump. This book will tie in beautifully with our Stone Age topic, we will also be comparing and contrasting it to the modern day classic Stone Age Boy, by Satoshi Kitamura.





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