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English - Friday

Reading: I have spoken to some of you about what you have been reading during 'lockdown' but not many. I am reading a Sue Townsend novel called the Prime Minister and I. It is about the Prime Minister going under cover so he can mix with us ordinary people and get more in touch with everyday life. I have just finished a book about two parents who take a hilarious road trip all around the country by car with a 2 and a 4 year old. 

Please tell about what you have been reading... either post on the blog/ email the school office or ask Mr Reynolds/ Mrs Miller/ Mrs Gray to pass it on during their weekly calls. I miss our 'Book Chats' Year 6- can you tell :)


Drama/Writing: Yesterday you explored how much a character's emotions can change in an exciting novel like Kensuke's Kingdom. Today, using the same character that you create an emotion graph for, I would like you to try some hot seating. 

Firstly, you need some high quality questions that the character could be asked. You could write these down on your own or with someone else or has enjoyed sharing the book with you. These sentence starters should help you to write high quality open questions: 

Tell me something about....?

How did you feel when....?

What has been the __________ moment of your life so far and why?

What would you change about.....?

How do you about.....? 

Once you have at least 10 quality questions ready, see if you find any costume items or props to help you become the character. Now ask someone at home to ask you the questions and try answering them using your knowledge of the story and while staying in character. 


This tells you more about the hot seating technique:

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