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English - Friday

Chapter 21 - audio

Chapter 21 – On the Lookout

Vocabulary check:

  1. Why does Elliot tell Josie he has no plans?
  2. Why is Elliot so desperate for them to get the Earth Stone quickly?
  3. Why do Elliot and Virgo realise they need to follow the Gods?
  4. Who is the winged figure disguised as a rat?
  5. What mistake does Elliot make on the way out?  Why is this a mistake?

Writing activity:

What do you think of the fence that had sprung up around Home Farm to keep Patricia out?  If you needed a fence around your home, what would it do to keep people out?  We'd like you to design your own 'super fence'.  The one in the story caused Patricia to erupt in bright blue boils and make her speak in Swahili.  How funny can you make yours?  


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