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English - Friday

Chapter 26 - The Cave of Sleep and Death


Chapter 26 – The Cave of Sleep and Death


Vocab check: sumptuous, oppressive, stalemate, impartial, opulent, oblivion, stalactite.


  1. Do Thanotos and Hypnos like each other?
  2. Why does Hypnos think Thanatos isn’t fun any more?
  3. Did Thanatos lie about poisoning Elliot?
  4. What makes Elliot muster some last bits of strength?
  5. How does Elliot feel at the end of this chapter?  Why?



Complete you letter.  Once you've finished writing it, make sure you read it through to check for spelling mistakes and that it all makes sense.


There are three more chapters left in the book, please try to read them over the weekend and then return your book to school the following week.  We hope you've enjoyed the adventure!



Chapter 27 - Snordlesnot

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