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English - Friday

Chapter 16

Friday - Reading

Session 5 - Chapter 16, All You Need is Love


Vocabulary check: grimace, wincing, subtlety, gaggle, oblivious, feisty, fillies, industrious, taser.


  1. What did Elliot infer from seeing the cake?
  2. Why does Elliot think looking for the Earth stone is more important than looking after Josie?
  3. Do you think Pegasus is intelligent? Why?
  4. Why does Elliot ask about healing powers?
  5. How does Aphrodite appease Millicent Tronglebom?

Friday - Writing

Session 5 - L.O. I can describe a scene from another character's point of view. 

In Chapter 16 we met Aphrodite, who runs a dating agency.  She was in the middle of an appointment with a man called Colin, trying to find him a perfect match, when her father, Zeus, bursts in with Virgo and Elliot.  Whilst they are there, a health and safety office, Millicent Tronglebom, arrives and tells Aphrodite that she needs a toilet licence.  To get out of the situation, Aphrodite gets out her pink taser gun and fires it at both Colin and Millicent, causing them to fall in love.

Today’s task is to write what happened in the office from the point of view of either Colin or Millicent.  You could write it in the form of a letter or a diary entry. 

Think about :

  • What was the character doing there?
  • How was he/she feeling when they entered Aphrodite's office?
  • What did he/she think when Aphrodite got out her pink taser gun?
  • What did it feel like when she fired the gun? 
  • How did his/her feelings towards the other character change after the gun was fired?
  • How did he/she feel as they left the office?


For example, Colin might start by writing :

Earlier today I went along to the dating agency run by Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.  I was in the middle of my meeting with her, having just explained to her what my ideal woman would be like, when suddenly three people burst into the office we were sitting in.  One of these people was Zeus, King of the Gods and the father of Aphrodite.  She just got up and left me all alone.  I was rather annoyed as I wanted to finish the meeting quickly.  However, I let them go off and chat and sat there minding my own business.


Just as I thought she was about to return to our meeting, another lady stormed into the office.  At first I thought she was very unattractive, especially as she was speaking so abruptly to Aphrodite, about a toilet licence or something.  Anyway, half way through the conversation, I suddenly saw Aphrodite reaching into her desk drawer...

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