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English - Monday

I hope you have all had a great weekend! Most of the activities you do over the next five days link to your adventure story which you wrote earlier this term. 


I have asked you to use some different animation and music software this week. Please speak with an adult about what software/apps are best for you to use and ALWAYS check whether you are allowed to download these. I have provided examples which will work on Apple and android devices - these are all free!


Please get in contact if you have any difficulties with these. I can't wait to see what you create with your music compositions and animations.


Have fun,


Mr Perry

As you'll be aware, quite a few books which are published are then made into films. The Harry Potter series is a really good example of this.


Over this week you are going to use the ideas from your story to PLAN and CREATE an animation! I will be giving you some examples of free apps you can download which can be used to create these. 



Before you begin, I would like you to read through information about how Wallace and Grommit were created. Nick Park and his team created a number of short films about the adventures of Wallace and Grommit. Which ones have you seen on TV?


Click here this link to read through examples of Nick Park's work and how they created these really fantastic animations.


Now you've read through this website, take a look at the video clip below which explains how they made the different characters. Maybe you could try and make some of your own examples at home today!


Making Of - National Trust and Wallace and Gromit

A look into the production of the National Trust Jubilee Bunt-A-Thon! Subscribe: Download the film from ITunes: Wal...

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