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English - Monday


Reading: It is now time to read the final Chapter of Kensuke's Kingdom, I hope you have enjoyed this story- it is certainly one of my favourites. Chapter 10 is a great piece of action writing and, without giving anything away, concludes Michael's adventure with Kensuke. Don't forget to read the postscript too. 

Answer the questions below about Chapter 10 thinking carefully about which question type is being asked... inference, prediction, summarising, retrieval etc. 


Chapter 10 + Postscript

  1. Why do you think the chapter is called “Killer Men Come”?
  2. Why doesn’t Kensuke light the fire when he can see the boat on the horizon?
  3. After the fire is lit, what is special about the boat Michael spots?
  4. Why does Kensuke say he must stay on the island?
  5. Describe Michael’s reunion with his family on pg. 160.
  6. Had Michael’s parents given up on ever finding him?
  7. Describe the events that occurred in the Postscript.



Reread ‘Postscript’ from the back of the book. Discuss the following with someone at home: Why has the author included this? What would Michael tell Michiya about Kensuke? 

I would now like you to pretend you are Michael and write a dedication to Kensuke on behalf of his family.

A dedication is something written and said in honour of someone. This is a good chance to use your summarising skills by giving an overview of some of the memorable experiences that Michael had with Kensuke. Use this dedication to Martin Luther King to help you:



Use the RoK words to make a spelling treasure hunt game. You do this by making two sets of cards... one set with the RoK words on and another with the definitions. Hide the first set in the garden or around your house and see if someone else can find them all using the definitions. You could even introduce clues using prepositions... look under, the word is somewhere above..., this word can be found adjacent to.... 




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