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English - Monday

Chapter 17

Chapter 17  - Family Matters


Vocabulary check: esteemed, pouted, warthog, barrage, gaunt, sumptuous.


  1. Why does Hephaestus get his hammer out?
  2. Why do they need to get to Hypnos quickly?
  3. Why is the newspaper article bad news for the gang?
  4. Why are the Gods giggling at Pisces?
  5. What new app is Hermes using? What does it do?

Writing activity

L.O. : I understand the difference between similes and metaphors


Today we would like you to revise what similes and metaphors are using a BBC bitesize lesson.


A simile is when you compare something to something else e.g. He ran as fast as a cheetah through the forest.

A metaphor is when you describe something as if it was something else e.g. He was a fast cheetah running through the forest.


Watch the 2 video clips and then complete Activity 1 and Activity 2.  If you work through these activities quickly, then try the 3rd one.


Click on this link to access the lesson :

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