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English - Monday

Ch 22

Chapter 22 – On the Wrong Track, p 262 - 273

Vocab check: valid, appalling, purchasing, tyranny, lurched, comatose, wracked his brains, bemused, smithereens, reckoning


  1. Why doesn’t Elliot want Virgo to move?
  2. What is the pink ilk erupting from a child’s mouth?
  3. Who’s in the train driver’s cabin?
  4. Why do you think Hypnos dissembles into a wasp?
  5. How does Pegasus help?


Writing Task:

L.O. I can use alliteration

Lockdown Park


Christchurch Park watches and waits

Suddenly, squealing children enter, laughing.

The rope swing giggles.

The slide smiles

The rope bridge tense.

Another child skids down the slide, grinding to a sudden halt.

The gentle thump, thump, thump of children jumping on the rope bridge

provides a steady heartbeat.

Steel chains squeak in rhythm, providing a welcome tune.

Christchurch Park sighs and smiles.




If you don't wish to print this out, you can either rewrite the poem in your books, underlining the alliteration or make a list of the alliteration you've identified.


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