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English - Monday

Chapter 12 audio

Monday - Reading

Session 1 - Chapter 12, The God of Fashion

Vocabulary check before starting: nebulous gloom, eternity, infinite, torsos, umpteen, simultaneously.


Questions to answer in your books:

  1. What is nebulous gloom?
  2. Why do you think the two servers got the job?
  3. Why doesn't Hermes go to his dad's wedding?
  4. True or false?  Hermes is vain.  Explain your reasoning.
  5. What is Hermes's other job?

Monday - Writing

Session 1 – I can use descriptive language

p.140 describes some of the extraordinary creatures that Elliot sees when they enter the café at Asphodel Fields.  ‘The tables were filled with extraordinary creatures, from dragons to fairies, to trolls, to … he didn’t even know what half of them were.'



We’d like you to make up your own extraordinary creature, draw it and write a short description to accompany it.  Your creature can have as many heads or limbs as you like, but they must all serve a function which you will include in your description, e.g. countless arms sprouting from their torsos which allowed the server to take umpteen orders simultaneously and prepare them all at once. 

Your written descriptions must include:

similes, powerful verbs and exciting adjectives

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