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English - Thursday

Reading and Writing: I would like you to pick either Michael or Kensuke from our class text as a character to consider in detail. We are going to carry out an activity to show how a character changes over time in a novel. 


To start with I would like you to skim and scan through the whole book to find important events that have happen involving your chosen character and make a list of them. Next to these events in a different colour, write down at least three words to describe how your character could have been feeling at that point in the story. 


We are now going to use your lists to create an emotions graph on the biggest piece of paper you can find in your house. The horizontal axis will represent the duration of time from the beginning to the end of the story and the vertical axis different emotions ranging from calm to furious (you decide what to write inbetween). You then need to plot events on the graph from you list lining them up with a different emotion. This is tricky to explain so I am going to find a visual example:


Here you go...




Try these games to help revise your punctuation skills:

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