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English Thursday

Chapter 20 audio

Chapter 20 – The Perfect Parents

­ Vocabulary check: suspension, composition, authorities, dislodged, insolent, hysterical, pungent, opulent


  1. Why is Elliot terrified of Call Me Graham calling his house?
  2. Why does Zeus call Boil ‘Wart’?
  3. Why is everyone laughing when they get in the car?
  4. Why is the suspension actually a good thing?
  5. What’s Virgo’s plan to avoid the school finding out about Josie?
  6. What are the rules of the bed?


Writing activity:

What do you think are the qualities needed to be the 'perfect parent'?

Make a list of each one under the heading How to be the Perfect Parent.  Add detail to each quality.  Don't just write 'kind', give examples that relate to your life.  You can add humour!

  • always be kind, let your child choose what they want to watch on the television so that they don't have a tantrum.


Think carefully about all the good things that the people in your house do to care for you and add them to your list.



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