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English - Thursday

Chapter 25


Chapter 25 – All that Glisters …


Vocab check: refracted, incandescant, atoms, loot, pout, jack-o'-lantern.


  1. Who does Pegasus go to get?
  2. Why would Mr Macgregor’s eyes burst out of his head?
  3. Why is Elliot shocked when he gets to the house?
  4. How does Elliot know that Patricia is lying?
  5. How does Elliot initially feel when he finds out Patricia has cleared his debt?
  6. How does Maz turn this chapter on its head?



Using your plan from yesterday, today and tomorrow you are going to write your letter.  You may hand write it in your best handwriting or, if you prefer type it using a laptop.  Remember, it must be laid out neatly using the features of a letter. Make sure your first paragraph is interesting and tells Mrs Sharp the information you would like her to know about you.

Here is an example of an opening paragraph, 

Dear Mrs Sharp,

My name is Peter, I've just had my eighth birthday and I live in Holbrook, just five minutes away from school.  I have a small dog called Pebbles and a very shy cat, Sheba, who hides when visitors come to the house. My favourite subject is Science, I'm passionate about nature and spend my spare in the garden time hunting for stag beetles and creating bug houses to give them shelter.  This week I found a female stag beetle on my garden path, probably looking for somewhere to lay eggs.  Did you know that stag beetles spend three to seven years underground as larva and only a few months above ground? This year, I attended the school gardening club each week and enjoyed planting vegetables.  I love school and can't wait for it to restart in September so that I can see all of my friends again.


Use your plan to write further paragraphs.  You have tomorrow to complete it.


Once you have written/typed your letter, please either :

  • e-mail it to school via the office e-mail address which is with 'For Mrs Sharp' as the subject.
  • when your parent or carer picks up your report, drop it into the school office in an envelope addressed to Mrs Sharp.
  • or you could post it to the school address : Mrs Sharp, Holbrook Primary, The Street, Holbrook, IP9 2PZ

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