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English - Tuesday

Reading and Writing: Once again I would like your to use your comprehension skills to answer questions about an animation. This week's animation is called Catch A Lot and it is about a father and son who have very different feelings about going out to sea to try and catch a whale. 


1) Can you remember what the term is called that means a characters mood is reflected by the natural world around them?... it is also a type of personification. You may remember that I ask you to try to use this technique in your adventure stories. 


2) Write a separate character description for the father and son which mention the weather e.g.


As lightening struck powerfully across the sky, the muscle-bound father triumphantly raised his spear......


3) Write a persuasive letter from the son to his father asking him to agree to him pursuing a different career.  OR


4) Write a persuasive argument against whaling



For today's written tasks, try using a range of sentence types: complex, compound, simple. After you have finished writing, label which types you have used. 

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