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English - Tuesday

Chapter 18

Chapter 18  - An Old Fiend p211 - 222


Vocabulary check: notorious, guise, insomnia, opulent, deftly, quell.


  1. Why is Hypnos now filled with worry?
  2. What does Hypnos know that Thanatos doesn't?
  3. Why does Thanatos need Hypnos?
  4. Why is Hypnos free from the Sacred Code?
  5. Why hasn't Hypnos slept for thousands of years?

Writing activity

L.O. : I can use an informal, chatty tone in my writing.


After reading chapter 18, write an e-mail from Hermes to ‘the gang’ (Virgo, Elliot and Zeus) describing what happened and what he saw going on whilst he was disguised.  An e-mail is a message.  He is writing to friends so it would have an informal tone.


Think about the way in which Hermes speaks and use phrases from the text that you know he uses e.g. Babe, Mate, You’re joking, Shut uuuuup! Bosh! Seriously? I gotta go.

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