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English - Wednesday

1) Continue perfecting your animation, using the ideas you gained from the National Trust Wallace and Gromit Film and your own storyboard.


2) Reading 

Create a comfortable area in or outside of your home where you can read. Take the chance to read your own reading book and go off into another world. You may even fancy reading something which is non-fiction where you'll learn lots of different facts.


3) Spellings

This week I have given you a couple of interactive spelling games you can play online. Take a look below and see which ones you enjoy. Have you found another really good (free) interactive spelling game online? Why not share it with us all on the class blog.


I have only put a few examples to get you going. If you've finished or get bored, I strongly suggest you look back at your Year 5 and 6 spelling words. These are something which you'll need to know for High School. Take a look over the Year 3 and 4 spelling words too - there might be some which you've missed out and are not very confident with!


Letter Blocks

This one will keep kids on their toes. It works on the same sort of premise as the word game Boggle, mixed in with a bit of Tetris (or Candy Crush if that’s more relevant to today’s audience).

You need to find words of three letters or more, where each letter is adjacent (including diagonally) to the next. You can’t use the same letter twice, but click on each in turn, then double click the last letter and those blocks disappear. More letters keep appearing from the top and the aim is not to let any column get to the top of the screen. Click here to play Letter Blocks.


Crystal Explorers

Play as one of our brave, intrepid explorers on an adventure through five fantastic maze worlds.


Collect the crystal shards as you go, unlocking the challenges and using your knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling to solve the fiendish puzzles.


Solve the crafty Chameleon’s riddles, jump over the snapping crocodiles and swing across the waterfalls to victory!


Watch out for baddie Salty Dan, he is determined to steal your crystals and use them for his evil plan! Can you work your way through the levels to unlock golden crystals in every level and topic, and stop him in his tracks? Click here to play Crystal Explorers.


Here are some ways you may begin to learn your Year 5 and 6 words…


Pyramid spellings – Write the words so you start with the first letter, then the next two…


Speed Spell – How many times can you write the word down in 60 seconds.


Spelling Bee – Find an adult to do a spelling bee. They will say the word, you repeat it and then spell it aloud and then the end by saying the letter (What a nice morning. The word is morning. Morning …. M – O – R – N – I – N –G…. Morning) Swap over so your parent has a turn too.


Sentence Building – Write your word in a sentence so you can show you understand how it would work within a context.

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