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English - Wednesday

Reading Challenges:

1) Look through BBC news or Newsround to see if there any stories which relate to be people being adventurous or going on an adventure! We often hear of people who swim the channel or have sailed the Atlantic... Can you find out about the adventure that the author David Williams was part of? 


2) Research a significant explorer such as Captain Robert Falcon Scott (Scott of the Antarctic). Click here to find more interesting information about him. Or you may fancy taking a look at some information about Amelia Earhart by clicking here. Why not write down some facts about them or pose your own questions. Can you think of any other significant explorers or people known for their adventurous streak? Create a quick fact file of the person you have read about and include an illustration too.


3) Create a comfortable area in our outside of your home where you can read. Take the chance to read your own reading book and go off into another world. You may even fancy reading something which is non-fiction where you'll learn lots of different facts.



Use a thesaurus to improve your descriptions about the father and son from yesterday's writing activity.  



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