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English Wednesday

Chapter 19 audio

Chapter 19  - Be Careful What You Wish For

Vocabulary check: sumptuous, consigning, low profile, petrified


  1. Why is Elliot beginning to appreciate living with immortals?
  2. Why does Josie just accept Elliot’s excuses? 
  3. Why is Elliot excited about school?
  4. Why is Patricia suspicious?
  5. What does Elliot intend to do with the wishing pearl?
  6. Explain why Virgo’s personality might make it difficult for her to not stand out at regular school?


Writing activity:

Do you think a wishing pearl would do more bad or good in this world?

What would you use a wishing pearl for?  Think of three things and explain your reasons in detail. 

Remember to use conjunctions to extend your sentences and some descriptive language.

Here's what I would use a wishing pearl for:

e.g. Marking maths tests after school can be laborious, so my wishing pearl would get the job done in a flash in order for me to get home in time to cook my children a delicious home-made supper.  My children would be happier, I would feel rested and have more energy for teaching the following day.


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