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English - Wednesday

Chapter 24 audio


Chapter 24 – By Royal Command p. 288 - 304

Vocab check: courteously, lunacy, insane, rummage, monarch, retaliated, parried, dishevelled


Why does the queen initially ignore Elliot and Virgo?

What takes Jeffers so long?

Why isn’t Virgo very good at fighting Hypnos?

Why does the queen leave the room?

Why is the queen smiling at the end of the chapter?



Having now met your new teacher, Mrs Sharp, we'd like you to write her a letter introducing yourself.  Today you are going to plan your letter.  Think about what each of your paragraphs will contain and write a few notes under each heading.  We have written an example of a plan below with some suitable statements for you to write about (remember this is just a plan, not your final letter) : 


Paragraph 1 - All about me.

  • my interests and hobbies
  • my family and pets,
  • what I enjoy doing at school,
  • which clubs I have attended this year inside and outside of school.


Paragraph 2 - Year 3

  • what I enjoyed about Year 3,
  • what I found difficult in Year 3,
  • what I tried to improve on in Year 3


Paragraph 3 - Year 4

  • what I am looking forward to about going into Year 4
  • what I hope to improve on in Year 4 - personal targets,
  • any questions I have about Year 4.


Paragraph 4 - ending

  • what I am planning to do over the summer holidays,
  • end with a personal message to Mrs Sharp (e.g. I hope you have a lovely summer and look forward to seeing you in September)



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