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English - Wednesday

chapter 14.mp3

Wednesday - Reading

 Chapter 14, Myths and Legends


Vocabulary check: inelegantly, dutiful, stallion, dismissively, sauntered, dilapidated 


  1. Why does Elliot let Zeus stay?
  2. Why is Virgo relieved that Zeus wants to hug her?
  3. How does Hermes feel when he finds out his dad has cheated?
  4. Why is Elliot embarrassed about Home Farm?
  5. Why can't Zeus give Elliot money to pay for Home Farm?

Wednesday - Writing

Session 3 - I can use the Present Perfect tense

Today we are focussing on grammar and are going to learn about the 'Present Perfect' tense.  This tense is used when something has happened in the past, but a specific time is not implied or given.  For example,

PRESENT PERFECT : ‘I have seen the Harry Potter films’.  This does not tell us when you watched them, just that you have watched them some time in the past. 

SIMPLE PAST : Last week, I saw the Harry Potter films. This tells us exactly when you watched them in the past.


If a verb is written in the present perfect tense it will have ‘has’ or ‘have’ in front of it.  We mostly use ‘has’ for the singular and ‘have’ for the plural (except we also use ‘have’ for I).  e.g. She has enjoyed…   They have enjoyed….       I have enjoyed…

For your task, we would like you to spot whether a sentence is written in the PRESENT PERFECT tense or the SIMPLE PAST tense.  We would then like you to change some sentences written in the past into the present perfect.  Open up the file below for your activities.


Challenge: can you create your own sentence using the simple past tense and then change it to the present perfect tense?  Try to relate it to something that has happened in ‘Who let the Gods out’.

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