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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Class Page.


Meet the Team.

Class Teacher: Mrs Clubb

Teaching Assistant: Miss Pink


Teacher: Mrs Terry. (Teaches Tuesday afternoons)

Forest School Teacher: Lucy Lizard 


During Autumn 1 our class topic was 'Woodland Park Rangers.' We explored this theme through the use of the class texts, The Gruffalo, Stickman and Percy the Park Keeper.

We learnt about woodland animals and plants and looked at the seasonal changes in both the environment and animals within it. (See Map below)


During Autumn 2 we launched 'Mission Space.' We enjoyed looking at information texts and learning facts about Space, we learnt about the sun and moon, the stars constellations and all the different planets. We also enjoyed lots of stories on the same theme. (See Map below)


Spring 1 we became 'Great Globetrotters.' We were excited to explore the world. During this theme, we will looked at the animals, homes and weather in the different countries and continents. We will compare life in these countries to our own life. (See Map below)


Spring 2 we asked you to 'Watch us Grow.' We were excited to explore how we have  grown and changed. We also looked at plants and animals and how they grow and what they need to grow. We looked at life on a farm now and in the past and compared how things have changed. 


Summer 1 we will become 'Circus Entertainers.' We will learn about how the circus began and and what life in a travelling circus is like. We will explore the different circus acts and other jobs that are needed to support the way a circus runs. We will also work hard to perfect our own circus skills. 

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