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This week I would like you to revise and practise all the animal names we have recently learnt.  There may be one or two new ones as well.


Activity 1

Matching animal pictures to their french name - 'As tu an animal?' 

If you do not have access to a printer, draw each animal and write the correct french name next to it.

Activity 2

Animal matching game.  

Cut out the pictures and word cards, shuffle them and lay them face down on a table.  Take turns to pick up 2 cards.  If they match, you can keep the pair.  Who can collect the most pairs?

Activity 3

Here are two 'french animal' wordsearches of different levels of ability.  Pick which one you would like to do and try and find the french words for the different animals.  

This activity can just as easily be done on screen - there is no need to print it out.