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Friday - Letter to Mrs Rennison

Letter to Mrs Rennison


Today it's time to begin writing and editing your letter to Mrs Rennison. 


Please think carefully about what you would like to include and ensure that it maintains a formal tone. Remember from our class discussions, an easy way to make it more formal is think about your word choice and make sure you don't use contracted forms e.g. couldn't / wouldn't / shan't etc.


Take a look at some of the key features which you can use within your letter writing and link to the expectations for writing in Year 5:


-Paragraph ideas - topic, time, place or speaker (you won't be using speech!) 


Vary sentence lengths - use conjunctions to join clauses / relative clauses (who/what) which could also be embedded e.g. My father, who enjoys football, has supported me during all of my sporting fixtures.


Fronted adverbials can be used to show time, place or manner


Vary punctuation - colons used to list items, commas used to embed information or list items. 


Expanded noun phrases to add further information / modal verbs to show possibility e.g. might, should, must


Check formality - look at word choice and where it would be on the spectrum of formality. I go to... could be I attend..., for example.




Re-read your letter to yourself and begin to edit. Read the finished example from a parent/sibling and take their feedback. There will be many strengths, but they may identify an area which you may need to develop or change before sending it into school.

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