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Friday - English

Friday - English

This week we have been looking at instructions. Today you are going to write instructions for your own recipe - perhaps a salad! Yesterday you hopefully wrote a list of what you will need. Here is my list...


My Summer Salad

You Will Need:

- 1 cooked beetroot

- 1 tin of sweetcorn

- 2 spring onions

- 20 cherry tomatoes. 

- a bowl of spinach

- a large handful of fresh basil

- olive oil

- a lime


Now we need to write the instructions, using bossy verbs. Here are some verbs you might want to use...


You might want to also use some adverbs for ordering and adding detail, like:

First, Secondly, Then, Next, After, A few minutes later, Finally, Lastly

carefully, neatly, gently, safely, sensibly, evenly

What to do

Note - Make sure you have washed your hands!

1. First cut the cooked beetroot up into small cubes and then put them in the mixing bowl. 

2. Secondly open the tin of sweetcorn and tip out the liquid. Then add the sweetcorn to the beetroot.

3.  After this carefully chop the 2 spring onions into small, round pieces and add these to the mixing bowl too. 

4. Next slice each of the cherry tomatoes in half and put these in the bowl.

5. Then take the spinach and fresh basil and tear the leaves and stems into the bowl, with all the other ingredients. 

6. Afterwards drizzle a little olive oil, grate the lime and squeeze the lime juice over the salad.

7. Finally mix the salad with your hands or a large spoon and then enjoy!


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