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We're Saiing to Galapagos

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We’re Sailing to the Galapagos.

Day 1: Read or listen to the story. Talk about the different animals. Think about an animal that they know they lives in a hot place by the sea. What do they know about it.  Discuss and use the word –Fact. Write a fact about their animal.

Day 2: Read or listen to the story again – encourage children to join in. Discuss how the story flows and sounds. What do they notice about the words. Talk about the different rhyming words. Complete the matching rhyming words work.

Day 3:.Look at the animal you wrote a fact about. Can you use some interesting words to describe it. Use this as an opportunity to introduce new vocabulary. (e.g. big – colossal, small – miniscule/minute, green –emerald, red –ruby etc)  

Day 4: Think about the animal the choose on Monday. Talk about what they animal does. Think of a sentence or 2 to discuss the animal similar to those in the story. Encourage them to use adventurous language. Can they make it rhyme? e.g. The minute starfish clings to the jagged rock, as it watches the colossal ships in the dock.

Day 5: Watch the video about Charles Darwin. Talk about how he believed the animals adapt to suit their habitat. Create an animal that would be suited to your island that you made in Understanding the World yesterday.



Darwin in the Galapagos | Nat Geo Wild

While mapping the Galapagos Islands, Darwin made observations that would later give birth to his theory of evolution.

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