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Friday - PE and RE

PE - Friday 

Today we would like you to focus on jumping skills. 


Start by warming up and jumping across lily pads. Watch the following video to show how to set up your lily pads and what you can do to make the game more complicated. 

#ThisIsPE - Lily pad jump

Another great #ThisIsPE activity linked to jumping, supporting your child to develop their balance and coordination. Grab some cushions or pillows...

Then work on developing different jumping skills, such as hopping, changing direction and accuracy. Watch the following video and then set up your own jumping course, similar to this one! 

#ThisIsPE - Jumping combinations

RE - Friday

To finish our week's learning, enjoy the Jewish Story of Moses and then think about and discuss these questions...


How might they have felt leaving in such a hurry?

What are the most important things you would take with you if you had to leave your home?

What makes a good leader?

Was Moses a good leader?

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