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Friday - PE and RE

PE - Friday 

This week for PE, we would like you to practice your throwing and agility skills. The following video shows some great activities to take part in to improve these skills, plus some tips to make these easier to simpler.

#ThisIsPE - Agility and throws

Here is also another throwing game you might like to try...

Throw Tennis

RE - Friday 

We are going to be thinking about days which are special to us or other people. Today start to think about the days of the week. 


Which day is the most special for you and why?

What do you do on the weekdays (Monday to Friday) usually ?

What do you do on a Saturday?

What do you do on a Sunday?

Who do you spend these days with?

How does it differ from rest of the week?


Make a wheel - divide a circular piece of paper into eights (8 pieces). Then write a day of the week in 7 of the pieces. In the eighth section you could write the title 'My Week' and draw a picture of you!


Under each day, draw pictures to show what you usually do on each of those days.


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