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Garden Club!

Autumn Term 2019

Week 1: The children got busy collecting seed heads from wild flowers and then opened up the heads to collect the seeds to be sown next week.

Sowing our wild flower meadow

Week 2: Our young gardeners were very busy this week raking and scarifying the lawn and then sowing the seeds.  They were such busy workers that we then planted some hyacinths for some winter colour.
Week 3: Our gardeners did a great job of digging over the soil on our vegetable beds.  We're now ready to sow some winter veg!  (photos to follow shortly)

Week 4

This week we've been very busy planting hardy winter vegetables in the beds we prepared last week.  The children began by raking the soil over and then carefully planted the onions, garlic and broad beans in rows.  Tomorrow they will check to make sure that no birds have pecked them out!  We hope to harvest our crop in the Spring.

Week 5: Cutting back and clearing

Mrs Gray has asked our young gardeners to help cut back some of the summer growth. It was blocking light into her classroom window. The children learnt how to handle the tools with care and worked well as a team to tidy up the area for the winter.

Week 6: making a rot pot

This week our gardeners made their own mini bottle composter to see composting process first-hand. They collected compostable plant material and mixed them up with a little soil. They then covered them with a cloth and elastic band. Over the next few weeks we will mix them regularly to add air and ensure that they are kept moist.

Week 7 - making bug houses

Week 8 - Willow stars, plastic free decorations!

Week 9 - Festive twiggy decorations

Week 10 - Lots of fun making Christmas table decorations

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