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Half Term Fun - 25.5.20

Happy Half Term!


National Scavenger Hunt Day

 May 24, 2020

Can you take part in a scavenger hunt, either today or sometime this week? Here are some ideas...

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Half Term Ideas 

Below are a selection of activities you might like to do over half term. Perhaps you could pick 5 things to do over the next week and we would love to see some updates on the blog too!


Get busy, get creative and take some time to relax...

Make your own ice-cream.


Did you know you can make homemade ice cream in a bag in less than 10 minutes with just milk, salt and ice? You don’t even need a freezer!!


This awesome kitchen science experiment for kids involves lots of interesting chemistry and you end up with a great tasting dessert at the end!


You could try milkshake, milk or half cream and half milk, you could add different favours or small pieces of fruit - I wonder which will be the tastiest!? Have fun - Mrs Thompson x

How to make Ice Cream in a Bag

How to make ice cream in a bag without a freezer! Use the freezing power of salt and ice to make ice cream in a bag! Cool science experiment for kids.

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