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Holbrook All Saints Church

There has been a church on this site for possibly over 1,000 years. The current building is mainly 14th Century but with Victorian additions. Things of note in the church building are: the Clench Memorial, with the figure of Sir John Clench above his daughter-in-law, he was High Sheriff of Suffolk in 1639; The church porch which has some beautiful stone vaulting in the ceiling and the main roof of the church which has some spectacular oak beams of great size.

The church is a “living” building and is open every day should you wish to go in and enjoy the peace and tranquility inside. We hold services every Sunday as well as other events like concerts and we even staged a pantomime one year!


Holbrook church is one of 5 churches that work together: Stutton, Holbrook, Freston, Woolverstone and Wherstead, forming what is called “The Two Rivers Benefice” the current Rector is the Revd Geoffrey Clement.

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