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Humanities - History and Geography

L.O. : I understand what the type of clothing that Ancient Greeks wore.

This week we are going to be learning about the clothes that the Ancient Greeks wore.


Firstly, what can you find out about fashion from looking at this Greek pottery?  What differences and similarities were there between male and female clothing? 


Now read through the following powerpoint to find out more about the clothes that the Ancient Greeks wore :

You can find out more about Ancient Greek clothing on the following websites :


Activity 1

Make a table in your book with the headings similarities and differences.  What similarities and differences can you think of between the Ancient Greek clothing and shoes and our modern day clothing and shoes?  Fill them in on your table.


Activity 2

EITHER : Make a ‘chiton’ for either yourself or a toy.  You will need two rectangles of fabric (if it is for a toy you could always use two pieces of kitchen roll or j-cloth), which is pinned together at the shoulders and then down the arms with safety pins or brooches.  You will need to fasten it around your waist with a belt or piece of rope.



OR : Using the knowledge you have learnt, draw (or cut-out of paper and stick) typical Ancient Greek clothes, shoes and hair onto the figure below (open up file if you would like to print it out).  You may wish to add a background to the picture to depict where the person is in Ancient Greece.

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