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Humanities - History and Geography

L.O. : I understand what type of goods the Ancient Greeks traded.

Mainland Greece is a mountainous land almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Greece has more than 1400 islands. The country has mild winters and long, hot and dry summers.

The ancient Greeks were a seafaring people. They traded with other countries around the Mediterranean. Many cities created settlements overseas known as colonies.

Greek cities were founded around the Black Sea, North Africa, Italy, Sicily, France and Spain. Many tales and legends grew up about the strange lands and creatures that could be found across the sea.

The Mediterranean can be a stormy sea and shipwrecks on its rocky coasts were common. Some shipwrecks have been found by modern archaeologists. In this session we will be searching an interactive shipwreck and finding out about what goods the Ancient Greeks traded within city-states as well as with other countries.


Watch the following two video clips to find out more about Ancient Greek shipwrecks that have been discovered :

2,400 year old Greek trading vessel discovered | ITV News

The world's oldest intact shipwreck known to man has been discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea.

58 shipwrecks with over 300 treasures are found in Greece

Almost 60 shipwrecks dating from Ancient Greece to the 20th century have been found in the Aegean sea.

The next video explains what the Ancient Greeks traded.  See if you can answer the questions below whilst watching the video. 

  • On which Greek Island was the olive tree first cultivated (grown)? 
  • Which countries did the Ancient Greeks first export olive oil to?  
  • Name 5 goods I would have been able to buy in an Ancient Greek marketplace.
  • Which city still has a large marketplace today?  
  • What was found in Africa that had been traded from Greece?  

You can read more about Ancient Greek trade in this powerpoint : 

We would like you to complete two interactive activities for your main activity : 


ACTIVITY 1 : Explore this interactive map showing where the Ancient Greeks traded 

Press the orange 'play' button in the top right hand corner to move to the next page.


ACTIVITY 2 : Investigate an Ancient Greek shipwreck

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