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We believe that history and geography can be linked with so many other subjects and therefore is a fantastic subject to drive other areas of the curriculum.  Both subjects help children understand similarities and differences between societies and cultures and the impact of changes on people and places.  


At Holbrook, we believe that children learn best when they are inspired by a real purpose. In Key Stage One, medium term planning is based around key questions and suggestions are made for a “mini project” to help consolidate children’s learning. In Key Stage Two there are excellent opportunities for involvement of parents, governors and the wider community in the children’s learning. However, we believe very strongly that in order to become experts, the children need to be taught specific historical and geographical skills and given the opportunity to develop good understanding of the key questions.


Perhaps most importantly, we believe in a ‘hands on’ active approach which sparks children’s and teacher’s enthusiasm and interest, and deepens their understanding.