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Sunday 27 December


Here are the photos from our wonderful trip to Holbrook Creek and our afternoon making stone age tools! Both of these events happened during the second half of the Autumn term.


At the creek, we explored different types of rocks, examined the different layers of soil and examined remnants of Stone Age human activity. The afternoon that we made tools, we experimented with splitting bamboo, tying slate to the cane and using natural glue.


One lovely educational morning out of the classroom and one creative afternoon inside!

Thursday 17 December


Introducing opera to Year 4!

Wednesday 16 December


Year 4 recorded their Christmas Song this morning - it has been uploaded onto Google Classroom for the class to enjoy - I hope that you enjoy our efforts!

Tuesday 8 December


Year 4 really enjoyed the box of artefacts that Ipswich Museum arranged for them to trial a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures!

Sunday 1 November


I'm pleased to be able to offer mindful colouring on Tuesdays for the first half of lunchtime, and an origami club for the first half of Wednesday lunchtimes. These will begin for Year 4, in the Year 4 classroom - on November 3 and 4.

Tuesday 20 October


The class enjoyed making 'wax crayon' rocks a few weeks ago. Here is the information needed in order to make chocolate versions of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.

I hope that you enjoy the activity!

Thursday 15 October


The children enjoyed making butter during their lesson on the transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer today. We were all so excited that we forgot to take any photos of the action, I have included the instructions here so that all can 'try it at home'. There is also a recipe for the type of bread that Stone Age man would have cooked and eaten.

Holbrook School Poetry Competition 2020

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