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In mathematics this term we will be covering the following topics:


  • Decimals with numbers up to 3 decimal places including: addtition, subtraction, multpilcation, division and rounding decimals
  • Percentages: calculating percentages of amounts and solving percentage problems
  • Ratio and proportion: solving problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities, finding missing values and using scale factors.
  • Calculating with and conversion of units of measure: length, mass, capacity and time.
  • Interpreting pie charts and line graphs


Our knowledge of these concepts will be applied to our study of the British empire and Indian Rule and to our science topics.






How can you help at home

Help you child to learn and/or improve their fluency with times tables up to 12 x 12

Encourage and support you child to complete the homework set each week

Make sure you child can tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks 

Maintain a positive attitude towards mathematics even if it was not your favourite subject at school.



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