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In school:

This term in maths we will be starting with place value, recapping hundreds, tens and ones and introducing the value of thousands. Children will gain confidence with recognising values of three- and four-digit numbers in a variety of representations and will confidently be able to identify the value of a digit. We will practise portioning numbers and writing these in the expanded from which will help gain deeper knowledge of the numbers value.


Our unit on place value will be followed by geometry, focusing on recognising and drawing angles accurately using the appropriate equipment. Finally, we will continue our number work with addition and subtraction specifically with three-digit numbers. The children will be taught a variety of addition and subtraction methods which will ensure confidence and help when problem solving with numbers. 


Helping at home:

Times tables are an essential component in all areas of maths, running through these regularly with your children will help with their mental maths, whether this be a couple of minutes on the way to school or when they are getting ready for the day, this will hugely help both their confidence and mental recall. Each child has a Times Tables Rockstars login which is a great way to engage the children in their timetables, if you are unsure of their login please ask you child to ask me and I will send it home!


Telling the time is also a concept that we will be developing across the year, asking your child what the time is, what time dinner is etc will help support their knowledge of time and will increase confidence when we focus on this in class. 


Finally, I will be setting maths specific homework, supporting your child with this and ensuring they are accessing this would be great, thank you for your continued support!


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