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Maths - Thursday

L.O. I can estimate and measure mass and volume.


Today is a practical lesson.  You will need a measuring jug and a set of scales (digital is fine).


Collect a range of empty containers from your kitchen (between 6 and 10).  Anything from empty washing up liquid bottles to cups, mugs and mixing bowls.  They need to be different in height and width, e.g. some small and wide and others tall and narrow.  


1. Put the containers in order from the one that you think will hold the least volume of water to the most.   Estimate the volume of each one and right it on a scrap of paper or post-it next to it.

2. Next fill each one up with water.

3. Empty each container, one at a time, into your measuring jug, noting down the volume of each.

4. Did you get the order right?  Or do you need to re-order them?  How close were your estimates?


Next you are going to estimate, order and weigh different objects found in your house. 

1. Choose 5 objects of different sizes and weight from around your house.

2. Put them in order of weight from the heaviest to the lightest.

3.  Estimate the weight of each object in grams and kilograms and write a label.

4. measure each one.

How close were your estimates?




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