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Monday - Reading

Today have a look at the following power point pictures and answer the following questions about them. Think about the reasons you are giving and why. 

Remember to use because to expand your answer.

Pictures shown on the powerpoint above - they change every 30 seconds (the maximum time allowed - sorry!)


Slide 1 - What do you think the Inuit's homes are like?

What in the photograph makes you think this? 


Slide 2 - What do you think this family are doing?

What does the boy have in his hand?


Slide 3 - How would you feel if you got to visit this place? Why? 


Slide 4 - What's happening here? Why is this a good way to get around? 


Slide 5 - How do you think these people are feeling? 


Slide 6 - What do you think these boots are made from?

Which properties do they need to have?


Slide 7 - Imagine you were being pulled by these huskies! How do you think you would be feeling and why? 

What might you see?

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