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Maths - Monday 

This week we are going to be practicing telling the time. Today we are going to see if we can remember how to tell the time to the nearest 30 minutes (o clock and half past) and then the nearest 15 minutes (quarter past and quarter to). 

To help tell the time over the next week, try and make your own clock.


What you need

- Cardboard (like a cereal box) 

- Pens

- Scissors

- A split pin or thick thread/string


What to do (pictures below)

1. Firstly carefully cut a large cardboard circle.

2. Secondly neatly draw a horizontal line and a vertical line through the middle  of the circle.

3.Then find the centre and make a small hole (ask an adult to help with this part). 

4. Afterwards use a bold colour to write the numbers 1-12 around the clock face, spaced out equally.

5. Next create and cut out 2 cardboard clock hands - 1 shorter and wide (like an elephant - the slow hour hand), the other long and thin (like a cheetah- the fast minute hand).

6. Finally attach the 2 hands in the centre, either using a split pin or tying a piece of string at the back and the front. 

7. Then enjoy using your clock to tell the time! 





Play the following game to remind yourself of how to tell the time to the nearest 30 minutes.
Then have a go at telling the time to the nearest 15 minutes using the next level...

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