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Monday - Spelling

Firstly write down all of the homophones you can think of. Here is a set to get you started ... two, too, to


How many did you manage to come up with? 


Then read the following sentences and see which other homophones you can spot...


There are 25 children in our class. They’re the best children in the school! Their teacher is Mrs Gray.


I like to play spelling games. Have you got two cakes? I like cakes too.


The sea is very choppy today. I can see huge waves.


Can you hear that dog barking? It must be hiding around here somewhere...


I saw a great big bear in a forest. The trees in the forest are bare in the winter.


The sun shone brightly and warmed the lady's son up.


They won the gold cup by winning one-nil.


I want to be an explorer and look out for animals of the world, like bees. 


The wind blew strongly in the bright, blue sky. 


At night, I go to bed and dream of being a knight, riding to the castle.


How many have you spotted?

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